Saturday, March 10, 2012

April 2011 pt.3

The Randomness of life
This month I had the priviledge of doing a prego photoshoot for my dear friend Hannah. Even though this pic doesn't show her incredibly large belly (as she was expecting twins), this was my favorite pic from the bunch!On April 28th Fayleah Reagh and Eden Beverly had joined the world and mom and dad couldn't have been prouder. We had a great time taking the kids in for a visit to see the new arrivals and enjoying dinner with the kids after the visit. Josh and Hannah are some of the most kind and loving people you could ever meet! They are making absolutely incredible parents!

Another favorite picture I took, although on a different spectrum was this next one. Brennan was on a crazy Spiderman kick, loving everything and anything spiderman. Crazy enough I walked into the room and caught him with a red marker trying to become spiderman...Good thing the marker was washable!

This month was also the Bike rodeo for Davin down at the ice rink. He was right inbetween sizes for bikes, and wouldn't let me talk him into riding the smaller more secure bike. So he climbed on the big BMX and could hardly touch the ground. At every stop he almost tipped over, but he was sure excited to participate in the course that the RCMP had put together. Here he is getting the pre-ride lecture with his class by the town by-law-officer.
April is the wrap up for Nathan's Badminton team. He teaches early morning at the Jr. High 2-3 days a week, for the month of March and some of April. April brings Zone's and Provincials and an early morning pancake breakfast on the last day. But not only that, it gives Nathan the opportunity to school a few Jr. High kids in a couple in school tournaments....He's still got it!

I have had a chance to catch my girls together a few times lately and it has been priceless! Taylor has been such a big help with Briley. She changes diapers, preps bottles, plays games, cuddles, reads books, and just loves to spend time with her little sister. As Briley has been crawling this month Taylor has spent a lot of time down on the floor following her around on hands and knees. They can get pretty crazy together, but they sure clean up nice!

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They are beautiful girls, just like their mama!! :)